The majestic creature in his natural mental habitat

My name is Andy Walker, I’m a senior engineer at Crowdstrike, and I live in lovely Columbia, MD.

I really enjoy programming languages, protocols and databases. I am currently very interested in Go, Julia and the post-relational NoSQL landscape, including graph databases. I have also written ridiculous amounts of Perl, but long ago gave up hope for Perl 6.

I like solving problems, fine spirits, large construction equipment and speaking bombastically. I like many other things as well.


So it turns out that, towards the end of the 1950s, there was a lot of talk about what on earth to call all of these folks who spent their time punching out cards and designing algorithms and such. In a particular letter to the editor to the magazine of the venerable Association for Computing Machinery, several colorful names were suggested, among them:

and, my favorite:


Sadly for me, I do not know everything or even close to everything (and also “Adventures In Applied Epistemology” sounds really pompous and doesn’t fit well in a logo). I almost went with “hypology”, but it turns out hypology.com is squatted, and “turology” still sounds pretty cool.